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Individual Dental Plans

There are only a handful of carriers offering individual dental insurance in Washington State. The dental plans that are available are regularly investigated by us. It is our opinion that the plans listed here represent the best individual options available at this time. As you are reviewing the information, please call with any questions.

Nationwide Multiflex Dental offers the Classic Select Plan that has a higher level of benefits if you use a DenteMax network provider, but still gives you the freedom to see an out-of-network dental provider at a lower benefit percentage.   There are two plans to choose from: the Classic Select $1500 or the Classic Select $2000.

Denali Dental
is an individual dental insurance plan that allows you to select your own dentist, and is available for you and your family.  There are two plans to choose from:  Indemnity (Plan A) and PPO (Plan B).  Both plans allow you to choose either a $1500, $2500 or $3500 Calendar Year Maximum.  If you choose the PPO Plan you'll save on out-of-pocket costs when visiting an In-Network Dentemax Provider.

Willamette Dental TrueCare Washington is an individual dental insurance plan that offers affordable quality dental care for you and your family.  Members receive their care at one of the Willamette Dental offices (more than 60 locations throughout Washington).  There is no maximum to the amount of dental services that this plan will cover, nor are there any deductibles that need to be met.  Routine and preventive services are covered with low copayments.  Major services (such as crowns, bridges & dentures) and orthodontic treatment are covered following a twelve-month waiting period at substantial savings with predictable costs.  



SmartSmile Dental offered by Dental Health Services, is a popular plan for those in immediate need of dental work. SmartSmile is one of the least expensive options, however, there is a very small list of dentists to choose from. The plan does include an orthodontia benefit for children.



Individual Incentive 10 Dental is offered by LifeMap. With the Incentive 10 Dental plan your benefits increase as you have your teeth cleaned & examined every year.  Each year that you see the dentist for an annual exam and cleaning means greater benefits and fewer out-of-pocket expenses the next year. There is a 6 month waiting period for restorative services and a 12 month waiting period for major services. You can choose any dentist but can save even more by using a network provider.

Individual Dollar-Based Dental is offered by LifeMap. The Dollar-Based Dental plan allows you to spend your dental dollars your way.  This plan is similar to the Incentive 10 dental plan in that each year you see a dentist for an annual exam and cleaning you'll receive greater benefits the next year.  After a 6 month waiting period, the plan pays 100% of the first $150 care (no deductible to meet), 80% of the next $500, and 50% of remaining care until Annual Benefit Maximum is reached (starts out at $750 and increases each year to $1500).

Lifewise Health Plan of Washington:  Dental Plans only available for current LifeWise members. 

Premera Blue Cross:  Does not offer an individual dental plan at this time.

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