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Individual Dollar-Based Dental

Take care of yourself and watch your benefits grow

Individual Dollar-Based Dental rewards you for receiving routine preventive care. Each year that you visit the dentist for an annual exam and cleaning means greater benefits and fewer out-of-pocket expenses the next year.

This plan features:

  • Six-month waiting period for all services

  • No Deductible!

  • The ability to choose any dentist but save even more by using a network provider (find a network provider at

Here’s how it works

When you get your teeth cleaned and examined every year, you’re rewarded with greater benefits the next year. Watch your annual benefits increase and your out-of-pocket coinsurance decrease.

By year four, you can reach a maximum annual benefit of $1,500.

What's covered on the Dollar-Based Dental Plan?  Almost everything!  Main exceptions are teeth bleaching, veneers and orthodontia. 



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