Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance  
With simple underwriting & fast approval you can receive your policy within a couple of weeks!

There are few certainties in life.  However with careful planning today, life insurance can help ensure that your loved ones will not suffer financially in the event of your death.  It can help to replace your income, pay down a mortgage, ease final expenses and other liabilities and help with your child's college education.  Studies show that nearly half of American Adults are uninsured and of those who do have insurance, a large percentage have policies that are too small to adequately protect their family. 

Whatever the need, are you prepared?

There are many types of life insurance but Term Life gives you the maximum protection for the least amount of money. 

You can purchase face amounts ranging between $50,000 and $400,000 with simplified underwriting that doesn’t require a lengthy health inquiry or medical exam.  


It's so simple and easy to protect yourself. 

    See below how affordable rates are, then download the enrollment forms.  
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  Simplified Underwriting, No Exam!  

Underwriting is simple, approval is fast and you can receive your policy within a couple of weeks.  To enroll, simply complete the application and mail to Green Financial.

Life Insurance amounts above $400,000 are available with full underwriting and may be less expensive.  Request a proposal for fully underwritten Term Life coverage.


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