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Individual Medical Plans

The following companies offer a variety of individual health plans either directly or through the WAHealthplanfinder Exchange.
Not all carriers are available in your county. Refer to the Rate & Subsidy Calculator to see which carriers are available in your county.

Starting in January 2014, some people will be able to get financial help with the cost of their health coverage. The main form of help that will be available to people is called the Premium Tax Credit. This credit comes from the federal government and helps to reduce the amount you have to pay each month towards your health coverage. Whether you qualify for help depends on your household income and the number of people in your family. The government measures people’s incomes in relation to a measure known as the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). If your household income is within 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, you may qualify for help. Find out if you qualify using our Rate & Subsidy Calculator, then choose a plan either inside or outside the Exchange: 

Rate & Subsidy Calculator

                 Outside the Exchange

      Inside the Exchange

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